Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama in 2nd term to pack a bigger punch

I looked at President Obama's inauguration which was held on Sunday 1/20/13 @ 11:55am and it looks like we are going to see a different president than we saw in his first term.  In his 2nd term we will see a president that projects power.  He will be much more forceful and determined and his adversaries will find him less willing to back down.  This comes from Pluto aspecting the Sun signifying power and Jupiter also aspecting the Sun conferring blessings and good fortune.  

When you cast a chart for an event the Sun represents the head of state.  
The aspects are as follows:
Jupiter trine and contra parallel the Sun - brings good fortune and positive circumstances
Pluto parallel Sun - power, will & determination
Mercury conjunct & parallel the Sun - communication
Moon contra parallel the Sun - favorable opinion from the public
Venus parallel the Sun - cooperation from others

For those who have been waiting for the President to take off the gloves and take on his adversaries the time has come.  The Republican party will come to the table and negotiate or be rolled over.  This should be an interesting four years.