Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soulmate - When to look for one and how to determine if you have found the one

If your looking for a loving, lasting relationship there are times that will be very favorable and on the flip side times when you need to be extra careful.  The planets that are most favorable for relationships are Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and the astroid Chiron.  Of these, good aspects between Venus or Neptune and Chiron are the most favorable.  Aspects between these planets and Saturn, especially Saturn and Chiron are very unfavorable for relationships.

Here is what you want to look for:
The best time to find a soulmate is when there is a transiting aspect between Chiron and Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto in your chart.  If you meet someone during this period the chances that that person will be the right one for you are greatly increased.  The other person should also be having these good aspects.  Then you want to compare that person's chart with your own.  You will need to have aspects between Chiron and the planets mentioned above with the other person.

What to avoid:
Saturn is the big nemesis here, especially if it is making a bad aspect to Chiron.  During this time you are highly unlikely to meet a loving, long-term partner.  Also if there are bad aspects between you and the other person involving Chiron and Saturn the chances of a long-term relationship are greatly diminished.  

Chiron is the asteroid that signifies love in a relationship.  Without it you may have attraction on an emotional, mental and/or physical level but will lack the love that holds it all together.

There are other planets that are important in a relationship for instance Mercury (communication) and Mars (working cooperatively).  

Finally there is one asteroid that is directly related to sex and affairs - Juno.  I'll say more about this in a future post.

If you would like to know when you are most likely to meet a potential partner or if you are in an existing relationship and want to know the potential for a long-term relationship you can contact me.  My contact information is on my web page edcastroastrology.com

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