Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tim Kaine over George Allen

I'm picking Tim Kaine over George Allen because Allen has many more negative aspects than positive ones.  He has 8 negative vs 4 positive aspects in his progressed chart and 4 negative vs 5 positive in the transit chart.  Compare this to Tim Kaine who has 4 negative vs 3 positive in the progressed chart and 2 negative vs a whopping 10 positive aspects in his transit chart.

George Allen
Negative Progressed aspects (main ones only)
Saturn opposition Ceres (twice), Uranus opposition Chiron (twice), Chiron square Saturn.

Positive Progressed aspects (main ones only)
Pluto parallel Uranus, Chiron parallel Venus, Pluto trine Jupiter, Chiron conjunct Venus.

Negative Transits (main ones only)
Pluto square Ceres, Pluto square Saturn, Chiron in-conjunct Saturn, Ceres square Earth/Moon complex

Positive Transits (main ones only)
Chiron parallel Sun, Ceres parallel Uranus, Ceres parallel Pluto, Pluto conjunct Venus, Ceres contra-parallel Uranus

Tim Kaine
Negative Progressed aspects (main ones)
Ceres opposition Chiron, Ceres contra-parallel Saturn

Positive Progressed aspects (main ones)
Venus trine Ceres, Neptune conjunct Jupiter, Neptune parallel Jupiter 
Negative Transits
Saturn square Ceres, Ceres opposition Saturn

Positive Transits
Pluto in-conjunct Uranus, Chiron trine Neptune, Ceres trine Jupiter, Neptune in-conjunct Ceres, Pluto in-conjunct Uranus, Ceres trine Chiron, Jupiter contra-parallel Uranus

Besides the aspects I also look at planetary synchronization, that is, how many planets overall are involved in the aspect picture.  Tim Kaine has the highest number of positive planets that are at or near the same degree.  Based on these very favorable astrological aspects I think Kaine has a distinct advantage over Allen come election day.

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