Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gen. David Petraeus affair with Paula Broadwell

This is a brief astrological analysis of the sad affair between General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell.  At the time the affair started, late 2011, General Petraeus had Chiron square Ceres.  Chiron (success) making a negative aspect to Ceres (career) means that anything important natalized (started) at this time could have a negative impact to one's career.  This has certainly proved to be the case.  

The aspects between General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell as follows:
Venus trine Juno - super sex 
Jupiter conjunct Chiron - romance
June trine Uranus (twice) - super sex

Chiron contra-parallel Saturn - heartbreak
Ceres parallel Saturn - make mistakes together
Chiron square Uranus - infidelity

The positive aspects are very compelling and there is a strong physical attraction between them.  However they also have a heartbreak aspect and this does not bode well for the relationship.  This means that this affair was destined to end badly as we have all now seen.  One final note,  they also have the aspect Sun trine Uranus that is known as the super fame aspect.  This relationship has certainly lived up to that aspect.

Finally in his current transits has the following very negative aspects:
Saturn inconjunct Ceres - career heartbreak
Neptune square Ceres - career upheaval


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