Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elizabeth Warren over Scott Brown

In this race Warren also have very few negative aspects (mostly minor) and many good aspects.  The best of these being Uranus in-conjunct Chiron, Chiron conjunct Chiron, Uranus parallel Sun,  Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Uranus contra-parallel Jupiter and Pluto parallel Jupiter.  

Brown has some good aspects, especially Jupiter parallel Pluto, Uranus in-conjunct Pluto, Jupiter contra-parallel Ceres and Uranus contra-parallel Ceres.  Unfortunately he also has Chiron opposition Pluto (twice), Ceres contra-parallel Saturn (twice) and Ceres contra-parallel Earth/Moon complex.

I believe these negative aspects will be hard to overcome especially as his opponent has very few negative aspects.  Based on the above I'm picking Warren to defeat Brown.

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