Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Obama will win on November 6th
This November Obama and Biden will win the election. Romney and Ryan will not win the election because their astrological aspects are very negative. Congressman Ryan had positive aspects until the last week of August and from here on out it all turns very negative.  Based on this I'm predicting an Obama/Biden victory. In addition the aspects for several candidates in the Republican Party are now also very negative and I am predicting they will lose the Senate and also lose ground in the House.  I will post some of these in the next few days.

Obama has 11 favorable aspects in his progressed chart and 12 favorable aspects in his transit chart.  On the negative side he has 3 unfavorable in the progressed and 1 unfavorable in his transit chart.  The 3 unfavorable in his progressed chart all involve the asteroid Ceres which is directly related to career.  The most negative being Saturn square Ceres.  In his transit chart he has Saturn square Jupiter which is also a very powerful negative aspect and directly related to his career.  However the overwhelming number of positive aspects has helped to overcome these negative aspects.  

The most potent of these are:
Progressed favorable:
Jupiter contra-parallel Pluto, Chiron trine Venus, Ceres parallel Venus, Jupiter in-conjunct Pluto and Jupiter contra-parellel Uranus.  
Transits favorable:
Jupiter parallel Pluto, Pluto parallel Jupiter, Chiron trine Neptune, Uranus parallel Jupiter and Ceres parallel Jupiter.  
Progressed unfavorable:
Saturn square Ceres, Ceres opposition Neptune and Ceres square the Earth/Moon complex.
Transits unfavorable:
Saturn square Jupiter

Romney also has good aspects but not as many as Obama, however, he has twice as many negative aspects in his progressed chart and 8 times as many unfavorable aspects in his transit chart.  
The breakdown of the main aspects is as follows:
Progressed favorable:  
Jupiter trine Sun, Uranus parallel Pluto, Pluto parallel Uranus, Chiron parallel Ceres, Ceres in-conjunct Chiron, Chiron parallel Jupiter.
Progressed unfavorable:
Uraus square Sun (both geo & hello) , Chiron square Saturn (both geo & hello).  Chiron square Saturn is the worst negative aspect one can have & he has it twice.
Transits unfavorable: 
Chiron in-conjunct Saturn, Saturn parallel Ceres, Pluto contra-parallel Saturn, Saturn conjunct Chiron, Chiron square Juno, Ceres square Ceres.

The Chiron square Juno aspect is known as the end of the dream aspect or shattered dreams aspect.  He also has other negative aspects with Juno which signifies illusion, lies & deceit.  

When running for office all candidates will have good aspects or they would never have been selected in the first place, however, the difference maker is the negative aspects and Romney has so many of them that they overwhelm his good aspects.  This is why I see Obama winning the election.

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